The headphone jack isn\’t dead yet

The headphone jack isn\’t dead yet

BARCELONA — If you want your next smartphone to work with all of the wired headphones you may have accumulated over the last decade, the smartphone selection on display at Mobile World Congress suggest two simple strategies: Buy a Samsung, or don’t spend too much money on a different Android phone.

Samsung deciding to zig when Apple (AAPL) zags and retain the familiar 3.5mm headphone jack was no surprise, and neither was the persistence of that 1960s-vintage audio output in cheaper smartphones. But the choices of some mid-tier mobile manufacturers to move to USB-C and wireless connections—in some cases, only on their most expensive models—is a little harder to grasp..

Team headphone jack

Samsung’s Sunday-evening launch of its new Galaxy S9, $719, and S9 Plus, $839, featured multiple jabs at Apple, but none of it was fairer than its needling of its rival for removing the headphone jack from the iPhone 7 and subsequent models.

Apple’s action inconvenienced customers without providing them any increase in audio quality. Yes, Apple’s wireless AirPods are marvels of design—but they also cost $170 and become yet another item you need to recharge.

(The subsequent move by Google (GOOG, GOOGL) to jettison the headphone jack from its Pixel 2 phones was even more foolish, given that Google’s wireless Pixel Budsws/googles-pixel-buds-wireless-earbuds-ext

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