The Most Expensive Gaming PC Components

The Most Expensive Gaming PC Components

Building a good and powerful gaming PC can be expensive, especially if you are trying to create a computer that will easily deal with most demanding games at least for at least five years. But do you really need a $1000 graphic processor? There is a strong probability you will find a graphic card with similar parameters from a less famous brand. But have you ever thought of buying a keyboard that costs more than all gaming PC components combined? Here are some of the most weirdly expensive computer components we have ever seen.

Datamancer’s Seafarer keyboard is one example of such a luxurious computer component. The keyboard has cast brass parts and a map print made of gold foil, perfectly fitting Datamancer’s motto about creating contemporary masterpieces with classic style. If you appreciate things like that, you can get it for $1650. Datamancer also offers a computer mouse in a similar style to the keyboard. It is made of brass, oak and is fitted with leather. But the unique thing about this mouse is that it resembles an old telegraph machine used to send Morse messages. This Telegraph mouse will cost you $550, and if you think that it is expensive, just move on to the next mouse on the list.

We proudly present you the World’s Most Expensive Mouse (yes, that is the official name of the mouse). The device is decorated with white gold and 59 diamonds arranged in a shape of a flower. By the way, if you are not a flower fan, you can email the producer and ask to rearrange the precious stones. If you aim to create the most expensive computer in the world, this $26,050 mouse is definitely going to help you reach your budget goals.

And (this had to happen) computer of pure gold closes our list! Just joking, of course. The computer was made of ordinary materials used when you make computers, but it had a 1 TB HD and a 1900×1200 monitor—things that were themselves quite impressive in the late 2000s when the computer was made. Though the main thing was golden case decorated with diamonds that raised the price of this computer to unbelievable $560,000. So once you win a jackpot or strike oil in you backyard, now you know where to spend all the money.

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