The story of a broken phone

The story of a broken phone

Michel Lavache is an iPhone doctor from New York City, a one man Apple Genius Bar. And he knows absolutely everything about broken phones.

Most of the time Lavache runs around the city on calls from unfortunate owners of already shattered iPhones or devices that have a less dramatic life story, and patches them. Mostly, devices become broken because of sheer clumsiness: people throw them out of windows or on a bathroom floor, they drop them into the swimming pools and toilets, run them over by their cars. But sometimes it is a lot worse.

Early fall is Lavache’s busiest time of the year—Apple announces its new devices. People try to fix their old phones to sell them, get some money and buy a new one. But the phone doctor does not complain about being overworked and having no weekend as his job pays very well. He says that he can almost quit his current full-time job —in IT at The NY Times. Fixing an iPhone will cost its owner from $45 to $110, and it takes Lavache—about 20 minutes to do, therefore, he can save at least a half-dozen devices per day.

There is a great competition in the smartphone market, but Lavache says that it hardly worried him. “There is enough people breaking their phones, so I will always have something to do.” Indeed, each of us has at least a couple of friends using Apple products.

Lavache says that iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are the most terrible and treacherous thing for users’ hands. The rounded edges, brushed smooth steel, and big size make iPhones as slippery as a wet piece of soap. This, of course, also makes these phones the most profitable ones for Lavache.

The phone healer keeps a super-organized schedule and a list of rules about where he will and will not to go. For example, no offices (too long check-in procedure), no pubs (too dark), no apartments (too many weirdos).

In our phone-obsessed world people believe their devices to be something very personal, even intimate. So, not everyone can overcome their strange neuroses and give their phone to a stranger, even if this stranger just wants to fix it.

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