Top 5 Most Cleverly Designed Objects of 2015

Top 5 Most Cleverly Designed Objects of 2015

What is a good design? Probably nothing annoys engineers more than people saying that good design is something that looks good, because a well-designed object cannot just “look good”, it has to be a useful tool. And this works both for the iPhone 6S and for the Mesolithic hand axe. Determining what a good design is becomes harder and harder every year since “design” now applies to plenty of objects created by humankind, and their number grows in geometric progression. But what is much harder it is to whittle down an entire year’s worth of objects to a list of winners. Such task is possible only for engineers and designers. Usefulness is something that all these objects must possess, but some the list of positive qualities ends there.

As Sam Hecht, British industrial designer, explains, products designed with great beauty, cleverness, and intelligence cost very, very little. It is always the cheap stuff, he says, which tends to resonate with users more than the expensive things.

Here is a list of top 5 most intelligently designed products of 2015, objects with a very clear goal and a (relatively) low price. Enjoy the perfection!


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