Top 7 Web Browsers Ranked From Best to Worst

Top 7 Web Browsers Ranked From Best to Worst

The world of web-browsing is now so extensive and diverse that anyone can choose one of the many available browsers to use. At the beginning of the Internet age, there were only two main pieces of web-browsing software—Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator. Only one of them is still functioning. There are so many various web browsers that people are often confused about which browser to choose.

Almost all modern web browsers are customizable and can download pages very fast. When it comes to rating the best browsers of our age, it is next to impossible to come up with an indisputable answer. People’s opinions differ greatly, and different features that make one browser better than the other may seem more or less important to different people. Here we have gathered the most popular and the best functioning browsers of 2015.


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  • Yamahat Sake

    I fully disagree that Mozilla Firefox is second. I can not say that it is the worst but definitely one of the worst internet browsers I have had ever used.

    • Tristian Clark (Death)

      right now its roughly about the same as chrome except chrome still has an edge with full HTML5 capabilites without issues unlike FF still has

  • Nilog Gaming

    it should be firefox, google, opera, dolphin, via, then opera mini for android.

  • kanmoz

    My first choice has been Firefox. I have used it for the open source features for years. Recently it has begun to hang and not respond. I have moved on to Chromium, not necessarily Chrome. What surprised me and made me cringe was seeing Torch listed. I tried to use it and quickly abandoned it. Some OK features, but was incompatible and out-of-date.