Twitter needs to do a better job of explaining how we got duped by Russia

Twitter needs to do a better job of explaining how we got duped by Russia

Twitter (TWTR), on Friday, announced that it has begun reaching out to users who followed, retweeted or liked tweets from accounts identified as being connected to Russia’s campaign to influence the 2016 presidential election.

The company, which met with a congressional committee last year to discuss the impact of social media and “fake news” on the election, says the move is meant to further reinforce its commitment to transparency.

Unfortunately, Twitter’s outreach doesn’t fully educate users on how they can avoid interacting with Russia-linked posts, users and other suspect accounts in the future.

What good does this do?

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Twitter will tell you if you interacted with Russian bots prior to the 2016 election, but it’s not telling you the names of those profile aacounts

In its emails to users who interacted with accounts linked to the Russian disinformation campaign, Twitter explains that it has reason to believe that the recipient either followed, liked or retweeted a tweet from a Russia-linked account.

The company goes on to explain the user’s account security hasn’t been compromised and that the note is merely meant to show that Twitter is aware of and addressing the issue of fraudulent accounts.

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