What Do You Know About How Your Data Is Used By Tech Companies?

What Do You Know About How Your Data Is Used By Tech Companies?

Your Digital Rights Are Too Often Ignored

Rebecca MacKinnon is the leader of a new project at the New America Foundation’s Open technology. The project is called Ranking Digital Rights (RDR) and is aimed to show people what they are singing away when they blindly click an “agree” button. She believes that in the world of large-scale data theft our awareness of data-privacy rights can literally save our life.

According to MacKinnon, most of the world’s biggest tech companies failed the test on transparency in the use of personal data. RDR is dedicated to demonstrating where the borders of public corporate contracts on the Internet lie. The project studied data handling standards, from UN reports to Wharton’s Zicklin Accountability Index and found out that the tech giants share customers’ information with governments across the world, with each other, and with advertisers. You probably want to know what your information is shared, where and by whom?

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