What Is Amazon Cloud and How Is It Affecting the World

What Is Amazon Cloud and How Is It Affecting the World

Ten years have already passed since Amazon introduced its technology with a simple name “cloud computing”. What is Amazon cloud? It is a solution for simplification of data storage. To cut a long story short, cloud computing helps you save on buying servers and create your own small data centers. Amazon offered its enormously powerful servers to everyone and created special software for users to make their information easily accessible. You just need good Internet and some kind of electronic device to gain access to the materials you uploaded to the cloud. Shortly after Amazon introduced the invention, Netflix and Dropbox—some of the best cloud services—appeared.

But if the technology is so perfect, why doesn’t everyone just donate their servers to some kind of super-powerful computer in order to create a cloud storage for the whole globe? The problem is simple: security. We still do not have the equipment and software for strong protection of public clouds, which can appear as public libraries to experienced hackers. It is not a good idea to keep bank transaction operations, personal information about every citizen, and other private data in a public library. That is why we highly recommend you to check all your clouds for any information which can be possibly turned against you and delete it.

But the future is unstoppable. The technology appeared to be so convenient that many influential companies and banks from the top-10 list invested money in the project of securing private clouds. If everything works as planned, each huge bank will have its own database that is securely accessible from any device that connects to the Internet from any part of the globe. Sounds perfect, right? And so it is. The idea is so difficult to implement that it is still just an idea. Creating Amazon-like software is time-consuming, difficult, and non-profitable. But inventing a private cloud is inevitable; it is just a matter of time since 35% of the most old-school companies (banks, government organizations) that need super-security are already using public cloud services.

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