Why It Is Nearly Impossible for 911 Operator to Find You

Why It Is Nearly Impossible for 911 Operator to Find You

The 911 system has a serious flaw: it was not initially created for cellphones. Today, in the era of GPS technology, emergency dispatchers are unable to figure out the exact location of people who called from their cellphones.

Last year, there was an incident that caused significant public concern. Around 4 a.m. in late December, 31-year-old Shanell Anderson lost control of her SUV and drove into the Cherokee County pound in a town near Atlanta. The woman dialed 911, but for some reason her call was directed to the wrong dispatch center. So, when she told the operator where she was, the dispatcher could not immediately locate the address. Sinking, the woman repeated her location over and over, but, after long minutes of desperate attempts, went under water. It took about 20 minutes for the rescue squad to arrive and take her out. The woman died twelve days later in a hospital.


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