Wi-Fi Connection Problem Caused by Christmas Lights?

Wi-Fi Connection Problem Caused by Christmas Lights?

Are you trying to make the difficult choice between decorating your house with shiny Christmas lights and having a stable Wi-Fi connection? Well, at least you are not alone. This problem started after The Guardian published an article based on information given by one of the biggest UK communication regulators that Christmas lights may somehow create a Wi-Fi connection problem.  That is not a secret, and in the certain (but very rare) circumstances, this may happen. So what is the deal and why can you Wi-Fi signal decide to go on vacation?

This issue can occur due to the specifics of a router’s operation. It usually communicates with other devices on the 2.4 GHz frequency. Thus, your Christmas lights could slow down your Internet if they created an electromagnetic field at that frequency. Basically, it is possible that the wire of the lights can perform as an antenna, but it must be charged with a strong enough alternating current or retransmit a strong radio signal. However, according to Tom Coughlin, a member of the Institute of Electrical Engineers, this is almost impossible to happen.

If you want to make sure everything works right and eliminate even the smallest possibility of Christmas lights disturbing the work of your Wi-Fi, then check if the lights wire is grounded properly. In case it is not, there is a slight possibility of the wire generating a strong enough signal to worsen your internet connection. This might happen with old Christmas lights which are still used in many houses because it is not something you buy every year. The older technology that makes the lamps blink is actually able to cause radio noise, but the technology used in new Christmas lights cannot cause a Wi-Fi connection problem.

Modern lights are based on the LED technology, which uses an external controller, therefore, it cannot cause any electromagnetic noise. In fact, LED and Wi-Fi technologies can effectively cooperate.  All in all, if you are really concerned about the issue, it is time to buy new Christmas lights. Otherwise you should be ready that they may cause some problems, but it is very unlikely.

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