Will New Challenges Make Mozilla Fade?

Will New Challenges Make Mozilla Fade?

The independence of the Internet is always at risk of a browser monopoly. Previously, people worried that Microsoft could control far too much with Internet Explorer being by far the most popular browser. Now, with the growing popularity of mobile browsers new concerns regarding the role of Google and Apple arise. Besides, nowadays Facebook has a lot of control over what its members see and share.

From the very beginning, the Mozilla Foundation has shared the power of the mentioned market leaders. The non-profit policy is the main difference of this organization from other companies located in Silicon Valley. Even the money from its for-profit affiliated company, the Mozilla Corp., goes into the development of organization’s open source projects, including the Firefox web browser.

Nonetheless, the company has to compete with other market players in order to survive at the time of on-line networking and cell phones. The company’s policy of privacy and independence from any government surveillance technology should be especially important nowadays. However, ¬†Mozilla has to compete in relevance, and it looks like it is losing its importance in the world of mobile devices.

The mobile versions of Firefox as well as Firefox smartphone operating system have not become popular enough to carve out a niche in the mobile market. Besides, the company faces a risk to be driven out of business by the growing popularity of Google Chrome and Facebook. Thus, Mozilla appears to have shady prospects for the future at a time when the Internet lacks independent browsers more than ever.


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