Your crypto exchange may be less secure than your email account

Your crypto exchange may be less secure than your email account

NEW ORLEANS — Cryptocurrency exchanges and apps aren’t just among the most valuable targets for hackers, they also remain among the most vulnerable.

That’s the warning Chris Wysopal, chief technology officer at the security-tools firm Veracode, offered during a talk at the Collision conference here on May 1. It’s something that should be at the top of concerns for people looking to trade or invest in cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, which are generated through increasingly complex mathematical “mining” and allow pseudonymous transactions online and across international borders — and have increased in value wildly, even after recent plunges.

“When we talk about cryptocurrency, we’re not talking about just stealing someone’s data that we then have to monetize,” he said. “We’re actually talking about stealing money. It’s a very, very attractive target for attackers.”

Mistakes were made

Wysopal recounted a series of embarrassing but preventable hacks of cryptocurrency exchanges and apps. A partial selection:

What you can do

Wysopal — who began his information-security career as one of the first members of theollow noopener” target=”blank”> <span style=

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